Some “Don’t” that can help you.

1. Don’t fail in becoming more intimate with yourself: A person’s happiness is directly related to how closely their life connects with their goals, dreams, and passions.

2. Don’t fail in adopting an attitude of gratitude in daily life. There are many things to be thankful for each day. People often cheat themselves out of those bonus moments by concentrating on their problems rather than being thankful for their blessings.

3. Don’t neglect those we love. That’s an oddity of life. We should treat our parents, children or spouse with the same respect we do our best friend. It’s important to say thank you to those we love most for the little everyday things they do that often go unnoticed. It’s important to purposefully set aside time to spend with those we love

4. Don’t make the mistake of seeing the negative rather than the positive: That is a mistake that generates the domino effect.

5. Don’t: talk too much and listen too little.

6. Don’t assume that you know another person’s situation, circumstance, reasons, or motivation: There is a lot of truth in the idea that until you’ve walked in another person’s shoes you can’t truly understand what life is like for them. There is more quality in compassion than in assumption.

7. Don’t Judge others: it’s a mistake that sometimes becomes a habit. Bad habits can and should be broken.

8. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting yourself: Don’t fail to set aside time for physical exercise, mental relaxation, and spiritual renewal. Setting aside personal time is not a selfish act.

9. Don’t make the mistake of not having faith in others: Parents sometimes do not have faith in their child’s ability to do well in an independent endeavor. A person’s self esteem and likelihood of success is much higher when they know another person has faith in them.

I hope that you take some of these advices. We are never late for changing our lives.


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