Be more optimistic (part 1)

Waiting for good things to happen could lead to good things happening, it can help you be healthier. Optimism is an action, a state of mind, we know that anxiety and other negative emotions harm the body, especially the cardiovascular and immune systems, and having an optimistic nature seems to protect against these effects.

In addition, studies show that people, who are optimistic about their future, behave differently. They do more exercise; they eat better and are less likely to smoke. And if they get sick, they are more participatory in their treatment.

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Having good thoughts when times are bad can do amazing things for you, by watching people with similar conditions, researchers can predict which ones are more likely to live longer: Those who feel they are healthier.

Experiencing the feeling is very important even essential when you’re in a bad time, because optimism also defeats stress.

Happiness is a feeling; optimism is the belief that some aspects of your future will be good. Happiness can fluctuate widely, but an optimistic attitude is usually very stable.

If you are not optimistic you can create a “Daily Positive Events Record”, which can work as a diary of every single positive thing that has happened to you that day, that way you will be more grateful for your day, good things happen to us on daily basis, but pessimists often don’t notice them, spending a few minutes every day to write at least 5 positive things that happened to you each day, might help you a lot.

It’s not happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are happy”

Your mindset is essential. How you think is critical. In this regard, “thinking positively at all times give you a major advantage. You should visualize successes, not failures. Avoid negative people and negative environments. You are what you think and what surrounds you.

Choose your own dreams and goals. Be specific when setting your goals. For example do not say “I’d like to start exercising this month” but say “I am going to start exercising this month.” Make a plan and stick to it meticulously.


Take Action. The goals alone do not make sense but it takes action to achieve them. Just execute them without hesitation. In the same exercising example: Buy your sportswear, join the gym and controls your performance.

Optimism is more than having good thoughts; it is a way of living your life in such a way that can help you enjoy it at its fullest.



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