Lose yourself to find yourself

Life is a wonderful experience to remain in the ‘ever Present’, and to witness ‘the all beautiful moment’; one has to give a serious try. We are always planning about the future, or remembering the past – either due to attachment or anger/hatred. So we are never in the Present. For one to experience the Present, one has to lose oneself.

How can one lose oneself? The fear of losing – of becoming disoriented, of losing touch with the things around us, this is what prevents us from enjoying the eternal and the ever beautiful present. All the mystics have done just that. They have lost themselves. they have found something much more…. God.
The Sufis or the mystic Hindu saints or the Christian saints, they all have found meaning in their life. They all have discovered God.

A painter… is just so much immersed in his painting…. that he ‘loses about the consciousness of things happening around’.

You yourself are a poet.  You can start with “observing silence”. Do not give into the temptation of describing…. you can start from here. Once you start describing… then you lose the present. Just see ‘what silence looks like, what silence feels like’. Observe like a non participating witness.

Most people are smart enough to know what they need to do to create different results in their lives, yet they don’t seem to get themselves to actually do those things, which they already know they should. Why?


In order to do different things, you’ll have to change who you think you are  and change the beliefs that are preventing you from doing the things you already know you should. Instead you get stuck in old routines, habits, beliefs and thought patterns.
We all have created these imaginary boundaries; emotional, physical and mental comfort zones and we’ll do (almost) anything to live our lives within these self-imposed boundaries.
You hold on to what you believe is true and you seek evidence to validate and support your own point of view. You continue to walk the same path that looks and feels familiar.
But sometimes you’ve got to lose yourself in order to find yourself, your true self. Sometimes you have to challenge the beliefs you hold about yourself, the beliefs about what you’re truly capable of and what’s really possible.
You have to challenge what you think is true, knowing there is always a different perspective, and start believing in what you really want.
When you expand your self-imposed boundaries, physically, emotionally and mentally, you have the opportunity to transform yourself, not in accordance with the rules and expectations of others, but guided by your own dreams and heart’s desires.
Isn’t it time to go walkabout and lose ourselves?

Once we lose the consciousness of things around, we become detached from our greed and fear.

In order to find yourself you have to lose yourself first.


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