Maybe there is where I’ve found Myself

As an extension of our last article, Lose yourself to find yourself, I wanted to show you a beautiful poem written by Lessa Rangel which addresses that topic.

“Places” by Lessa Rangel

Come to think of it 
I’m not entirely sure
Where I lost myself

Maybe it was in those 8 hours 
of class time
lost in notes and due dates
equations and definitions

In beds of strangers or
old friends who I know longer 
know the where about’s of 

Was it in love lost and forgotten?
Perhaps words and friendly exchanges 
greetings and goodbyes


Did i lose myself somewhere 
along those roads driven on
late nights
to places with people whose
faces i wont ever recall?

Did i leave myself behind
in books or shows at the cinema?
in lonely coffee shops
or crowded concert halls?

Or maybe it was in the ticking of the clocks
and the counting of the time
and waiting for the better times

that never came


Come to think of it
I’m not entirely sure i lost myself
I’m not entirely sure i had myself

Maybe all  these places
are where I’ve found myself”

We can see that we actually never had ourselves, because “ourselves” are never a complete work, we are in a constant development.

We don’t look for our true self. we can’t, becuase IT doesn’t exists, when we do that we’re actually growing little parts of our personalities and character, and by doing that we are building ourselves.

Lose yourself · Discover · Grow.


2 responses to “Maybe there is where I’ve found Myself

  1. I totally agree with you. Nothing is finally made, all the life is process of creation. Creation of ourselves, relationships, lifes we wanna live, etc.. 🙂

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