The air was still as though a greater power had pressed the “pause” button on the world. An annoying bunch of mosquitoes buzzed in our ears, hungry for sweet blood. Something had changed; maybe it was the clouds transforming into a deadly swirling funnel, or just that the sun had stopped smiling down upon us. The soil and earth’s odor was so powerful, a bulldozer must have paraded through the backyard, lifting up every piece of clay and mud it could find.

Then it happened! A surge of fresh liquid burst through the dark and puffy clouds. Just a sprinkle at first, then angry sheets of pouring rain. It penetrate the ground and housetops, plunging down the sides of the gutters like rapids in a river.


This was our chance. Snatching up the used ice cream bucket and other supplies, my best friend and I scampered out the garage door. The rainbow colored umbrella would hardly be used as a shield. We sang and danced with it, making it a prop in our performance, fighting the gigantic droplets with our own might. The Kemps ice pail was a grand noisemaker. The tears streaming from the clouds’ eyes onto the plastic container celebrated the rain with a THUD, THUD, THUD!


The earthworms must have been falling from the sky! Bare feet that had turned into prunes were forced to dodge the slithering, pink creatures, as they were not fast enough to escape the hopping feet. Lakes huddled in the gutters, and when we galloped through them, we felt invincible. The oozing mud invited us to plod through it. It’s stickiness and grip yanked at our ankles, trapping our innocent feet in its wrath.


Pushing the wet hair that had matted itself to our faces away, we leaned our heads back, opened our mouths, and allowed the refreshing water to trickle down our throats. The clearness of our sights was blurred by the abundance of moisture, causing us to squint. Our clothes, now darkened and dripping wet, didn’t seem to mind as we dumped the old bucket full of crisp, cool water down our backs. When a car whooshed by through the deepening puddles, we were drenched with more water as we squealed in delight.


For a moment, time stood still. The only sign of life was the constant whirling of water around us. And then, as suddenly as it had begun, the clouds opened up to expose a shining, colorful rainbow. The sun would be peering through the clouds shortly, postponing our special adventure in the rain.


But we would wait, and look forward to the exhilarating feeling that could transport us to a place where fears and worries were washed away, and hopes and dreams were brought to life.



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